Stop losing offers:
The 4-part guide to today's cash offer programs

Cash offers play a powerful role in today’s housing market. If you’re wondering how to help your clients become cash buyers, you’ve come to the right place.
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What's inside:

  • Trends and forecasts for 2022
  • A step-by-step playbook for converting leads with cash
  • Exclusive market insights from real estate tech strategist Mike DelPrete
  • How-to guides and case studies
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Dominate your market with cash offers

Learn how to make cash offer programs work for your clients
Learn how to vet cash offer programs for your client
Get the expert playbook for converting your leads using cash
Hear from real homebuyers who have used cash offer programs to win

Are there mortgage companies pivoting and adding [cash offer programs]? Yes. Should they do it? Yes. But are they going to be able to provide as good of a solution as a company solely focused on that one thing? Probably not.

Mike DelPrete
Real Estate Tech Strategist

The program allowed us to buy first, and then sell without scaring away sellers with contingencies. Being able to buy and then sell put our minds at complete ease. Once you buy or sell a house, everything moves so quickly. But because we bought before we sold, we were able to slow down and take a breath.

Denver homebuyer

The ability to turn your contingent clients into cash buyers is the opportunity to gobble up and maintain market share.

Julie Youngblood
Partner Lead
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